NIC Products

NIC is a manufacturer and distributor of tamper-evident seals for the petroleum and electric utility industry. Companies in those industries lose billions of dollars annually due to theft and poor controls in the field. Notwithstanding NIC’s distinguished reputation in this sector as a best-in-class provider, there continued to be opportunity to improve the process at a much higher starting point.

NIC has procured access to Huru technology to create a solution for its customers in various countries around the globe. Huru can provide thermal transfer and lasered markings of codes for tens of millions of seals annually. With Huru’s smart-devices and native software that NIC licenses, its customers are able to track each of those seals individually from the moment they are fabricated though storage, shipping, and eventually being affixed to an electric meter in the field. With each pass of the seal through various points on its journey, custody and responsibility are recorded with a simple protocol followed by each employee along the way. A record of all of those transfers of custody are recorded and stored by Huru in its cloud-based database.

NIC’s value proposition to its customers is tangible in financial terms. With its superior seals and Huru’s tracking systems, NIC is able to show customers savings that dwarf the costs paid to NIC. What is saved is revenue that is already earned while all attendant costs have already been recognized. Each dollar of theft that is avoided is a dollar that is fully recognizable as profit.


  • Realiable and complete proposal.
  • Security seals.
  • Records are linked to the server and can be checked at any moment.


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